Taxi dancer (Havana, Cuba)

I couldn’t come to Cuba without doing some salsa, and I found a school, Salsabor a Cuba, for some lessons. The school also offers a “taxi dancer” service, in which you can hire an instructor to go out with you at night to practice what you learned in a real social setting. Perfect for someone who wants to go dancing but is by herself!

The assigned instructor met me at a bar across from the school at 10pm. When we walked in, it was empty except for the staff. 40 minutes later, it was still the same. Guess it was my fault for picking a Sunday night. But a little past 11pm, groups of locals poured in from nowhere. When it was empty, I was too self conscious to dance, and now there was not enough space. It also didn’t help that the DJ only played a few stray salsa songs. Altogether, I think we only danced salsa to around 5 songs total. I was worried about having enough energy to dance all night, and instead spent 90% of the time sitting.

So, a total failure from a salsa standpoint. But if I look at it as having a local show me a night out on the town, it wasn’t altogether a waste. This may not have been the chance, but I will still go salsa dancing yet!

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