Return trip up the Li River (Guilin, China)

Close to a hundred boats leave Guilin each morning for the Li River Cruise, and close to a hundred boats slowly return upstream to Guilin each afternoon. They trudge up the river in single file, then ready themselves to turn around and do it all over again the next day.

Nine Horse Rock (Guilin, China)

One of the other famous sites along the Li River Cruise is Nine horse rock. If you look closely and are supposedly intuitive and bright enough, you can see 9 different horses hidden in the rock. In the 1960s, Premier Zhou Enlai reportedly took a cruise down the Li River and accurately identified all 9 horses, which served as a testament to his competency as a leader.

Li River Cruise (Guilin, China)

The Li River Cruise is where you see some of the most famous sites in Guilin, including the famous shot of Guilin that is featured on the 20 RMB bill. Don’t know why they picked that spot in particular, though, because almost the entire trip down was gorgeous!

Pearl River Cruise (Guangzhou, China)

One of the top things to do in Guangzhou is to take an evening cruise up and down the Pearl River. Along the way, there’s the rainbow Canton tower, several lit up bridges, and even a set of no less than 13 buildings lit up like a single screen. This is a tourist activity that developers have clearly invested in!