Massage class (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

With all the massages that I got in Thailand, it didn’t take long for me to become curious about the art of massaging. I looked up some massage classes in Chiang Mai and managed to squeeze myself into a shortened half day version of a multi-day Thai full body massage course.

We went over the basic pressure points and massage techniques for the feet, head, face, and back. 4 hours of class was only a brief introduction to massaging, but I think I learned enough to make my friends and family happy!

Magic masseuse (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

I saw an opportunity to get a massage every day for the entire week I was in Thailand… And I took it. 😊

By far the best massage was the last one, by a woman who had a knack for finding the knots in my back and the masterful ability to knead them out without excruciating pain. After more than a year carrying 25kgs, I had a lot of knots. And apparently pretty hard ones too, since my magical masseuse exclaimed “Woooow” no less than 5 times during the session.

I might need another 3 months of massages to get rid of all of the knots, but off to a pretty good start.

Friends in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

While in Chiang Mai, I was introduced to some friends of a friend, who graciously agreed to meet up. They brought me to a yoga class, introduced me to delicious Thai cuisine, and took me around the gigantic Sunday night market. What a fun evening, thank you Natta and Jikkee!

Butterfly Pea Flower (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

The butterfly pea flower is an edible flower that’s good for natural blue coloring and anti oxidants.

It can – and should – be used for everything. Tea, salad, cocktails, garnish…

Plus, it’s magical. With a little bit of lime juice it turns from blue to purple. :O Te possibilities are endless!

Cooking class with Benny (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Learned how to make some traditional Thai dishes at Benny’s home cooking in Chiang Mai.

1. Chicken satay (okay, okay, this isn’t Thai)
2. Tom Yum Kung
3. Pad Thai
4. Khao soi (with homemade Curry paste!)
5. Steamed coconut cake
6. Fresh salad

Spicy, herbal, fish sauce bliss 😋

Shaky songthaew ride (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

The cheapest way to get to Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai’s most famous temple in the mountains, is to take a shared songthaew. A songthaew is essentially a red pick up truck that’s covered in the back, with two rows of opposing seats along the sides. As soon as 10 people gather at the meeting spot, the songthaew leaves.

For whatever reason, I waited 20 minutes and not a single other person came. I was about to give up, but one of the waiting drivers offered me a cheap price to take just me, and to leave right away.

I immediately regretted it. We zoomed up the windy mountain roads, leaving everyone we encountered – including other songthaews – in the dust. I estimated a high probability that either my stuff would fly out, I would be thrown out, or the entire vehicle would roll all together. Really wished there were other people in the songthaew with me to provide a buffer or soften the fall.

Miraculously, and thankfully we arrived safely. Shaken, but safe!