Hikes from El Chaltén in Photos

Besides the hike to Laguna de Los Tres for the iconic view of the Fitz Roy mountains, there are many other day hikes that you can do out of El Chaltén.

Laguna Torre

The second most popular hike from El Chaltén, ending at a massive lake with a glacier and a backdrop of the Torres mountains.

After arriving at the lake, you can hike for an additional hour around it for a view of the glacier. The path is rocky and extremely exposed, though, so it’s best not attempted in strong winds. On my way down from the path, the wind picked up, and I found myself walking at a 5 degree tilt in an effort to stay on the mountain.

Lomo de Peligue Tumbado

This is one of the best viewpoints of the surrounding mountains, as you can see the Fitz Roy and the Torres all at once…in good weather. In bad weather, the mountains are obscured and it’s all you can do at the mirador to take shelter from the wind long enough to finish your sandwich before heading back down. The hike is a consistent and easy uphill the entire way, though, and is beautiful even without the spectacular view.


The miradores are the easiest hikes from El Chaltén, a mere hour and a half from the town. At the first, the mirador Del condors, you can catch groups of Andean condors gliding unmovingly in the wind currents up ahead. The second, the Mirador Los Aguilas, offers a view out the other side of the small valley that El Chaltén is tucked into.

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