Galle Fort & Unawatuna

Galle is an old port city south of Colombo, and it is a wonderful place to relax after a trip around Sri Lanka. I understand now why it is so popular to travel counterclockwise from Colombo to Kandy, then Ella, eventually ending with the beaches on the southern coast.

I stayed in Unawatuna, which has nice sandy beaches and is just a 15 minute bus ride to Galle. I’m not much of a beach person, but I have to admit, a dip in the ocean was nice!

Unawatuna beach, with swanky restaurants and beach chairs:

Unawatuna beach, Sri Lanka

Chairs on Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka

And Jungle beach, which is a little more secluded, and requires a small hike to get to:

Jungle beach, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Jungle beach, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

During one of my days in Unawatuna I took a day trip to Galle, where the main attraction is a Galle Fort. This is an old Fort built by the Portugese in 1588 and fortified by the Dutch in 1684.

The main entrance to Galle Fort:

Main entrance at Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Even today, it is the center of Galle and still in use – the judicial courts, two schools, and countless shops and restaurants can be found inside.

A school inside Galle Fort:

School in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

But if you walk around the perimeter, you can see remnants:

Old Dutch buildings at Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Old ship remains at Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The lighthouse:

Lighthouse at Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The clock tower:

Clock tower at Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Sadly, my time in Sri Lanka comes to an end soon. But I’m glad I got to end it here!

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