Jess Travel Things #5

Before I left, I got advice from a mentor who had gone on her own extended world trip: if there’s something you want to do, don’t miss out on it because of the cost. $500 is a crazy lot in backpacker world, but nothing comes close to the cost of regret.

I took her advice and signed up for all of the tours, safaris, treks, and other experiences that caught my eye. The only one that I missed out on was a glacier walk, but that was because of a national strike in Argentina.

It meant that I blew my budget out of the water, but oh well. Totally worth it! And thankfully, because of my preference to be over-prepared, I had planned in a 100% buffer!

Jess Travel Things #4

Jess Travel Things #4: if there’s a mosquito within 1 km of where I’m staying, it will find me. That’s why I took my own mosquito net with me on the road. Hanging it up was sometimes an exercise in inventiveness and creativity…

Here’s the real-life set up! 5 minutes after I finished putting up the whole contraption, someone actually did ask for the broom, so I had to take it all apart again.

Jess Travel Things #3

Walking is a great way to actually get to know the place that you’re in, but I admit that not wanting to spend money may have sometimes been a bigger motivator. Even when that money was only $2.35.

Going from having a well paying job in NYC to not having steady income in a developing country meant that I had to redefine my relationship with money. For a while, that meant defaulting to “avoid spending any money, period!”

Jess Travel Things #2

Sorry, good people at my hostel in Portugal! When I realized, I was half mortified that someone would have to move my underwear and half upset because that underwear had costed $18.

Jess Travel Things #1

Introducing a new “Jess Travel Things” series! Finally getting to that creative pursuit. 🙂

And true story, my little sister produced higher quality and a higher volume of artwork within 5 days of me being home then I had produced in 5 months.